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All veils are available fully gathered or half gathered or with no gather for a full, softer or flowing look.  Our standard is half gathered.  Small combs are used as standard for the Blusher and Elbow length with the longer veils (Chapel Length +) using a larger comb, other hair fastenings are available on request such as sprung clips.  We appreciate that people are different heights.  Therefore, should you require a different length from 'standard' then please do not hesitate to contact us.  Please take into consideration how you intend to have your hair as added volume can add extra height to you and therefore give the effect of shortening the veil.
Veil Lengths:
Jaw length
This is a short veil which if worn at the top of your head would come to jaw length, or if worn further down would just brush the base of your neck.  Length from comb to edge is 12".  Available in single or two tier.
20" single length or 40" two tier.  This is shoulder-length if worn on top of the head or can be pushed back to fit in with most hairstyles.  Suits any shape face.
25" single length or 54" two tier.  This comes just past your elbow on the average person.  It can be good for making thin faces look fuller and means that if you have beading or detail on your dress such as a bustle it will not be hidden
36" single length or 72" two tier.  This looks very nice edged with lace, ribbon or contrast edge.  Will bring attention to your waist so very good for brides who have slim figures.
45" single length or 108" two tier.  Depending on your height of course this can fall at ankle length or just on the floor.  Creates a soft effect and is good for elongating rounder faces.
72" single length or 126" two tier.  Long, floor length (or very slight train depending on your height)  Suits longish faces if worn towards the back of the head and fairytale gowns.
This is a huge veil!  120" single tier or 144" two tier.  This is the style used at royal weddings and creates a long train behind you.  You definitely need help with this getting in and out of transport! 
Tulle Veils
Tulle Veils

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