Combs, Vines, Clips & Pins

Combs, Vines, Clips & Pins

Many of our designs can be made into a tiara, comb or hairvine.  If you would like a different type of accessory then please contact us and we will try to help where we can.

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Angel Comb

Product no.: TC2020

Our Angel comb is a single acrylic comb with ivory feathers with a Swarovski diamante studding detail.


Sophie Comb

Product no.: CO2020

Pair of crystal flower combs with Swarovski powder green pearl and pink crystal detail.  Limited colour edition and availability.


Ophelia Brow Band

Product no.: 180026

Unique and original and one of a kind brow band inspired by 'The Peaky Blinders' but versatile enough not to be limited to a theme.

£80.00 / set(s)


Product no.: 000024

Art-deco inspired white lace comb with embellished flower and feather detail and three dimensional embroidered gold roses, and bugle bead veil accent. 

£85.00 / set(s)

Belle Shoe Clips

Product no.: BE0002

'Belle' Stunning gold lace embroidered rose with diamante detail on stainless steel shoe clips enabling you to add or remove from the shoe as you see fit.

£12.00 / set(s)

Rose-gold Hair Vine

Product no.: HV0317

42cm long rose gold hair vine with fresh water pearls and mother of pearl beads and gold coloured leaf detail.

£50.00 / set(s)

8mm Acrylic Pearl & Crystal Hair Pins

Product no.: HP0017

Set of white acrylic pearl with crystal accent hair pins. Other crystal colours are available on request.

£12.00 / set(s)

Pearl and Crystal Metal comb

Product no.: 000015s

Photo shows a metal based comb with light grey pearls, AB crystals and small silvershade crystals.

In stock
can be shipped within 7 days

Vintage Lace Comb

Product no.: 000003

Flower comb using genuine Vintage (1960 -1970's) lace with clear Swarovski diamante detail.  Available on a silver metal comb.

In stock
can be shipped within 7 days

Triple Heart Comb

Product no.: 000008

This accessory is a triple beaded heart comb.  Photo shows AB crystal with Purple Velvet Crystal accent heart.

In stock
can be shipped within 7 days

Flower grips

Product no.: 000031

Kirby grips/bobby pins with light cream rose pearl flower and ab crystal centre detail. Larger options/pearl & crystal options available.


can be shipped within 7 days

Petal Comb

Product no.: 000032

silver plated wire work and Czech Crystal handmade beaded flowers in metallic blue with Swarovski ab crystal accents

In stock
can be shipped within 7 days

Spring has Sprung Comb

Product no.: 000036

Swarovski flowers, light sapphire crystals, light grey swarovski pearls on springs of silver plated wire.

In stock
can be shipped within 7 days

Floral HairVine

Product no.: HV101016

Beautiful Hair Vine on gold coloured wire with vintage style and opal swarovski crystals arranged in a floral pattern.

£65.00 / unit(s)
In stock

Feathered Crystal Comb

Product no.: FC101016

Vintage style preciosa crystal comb with feathers. Other colour variations are available by request.

£40.00 / unit(s)


Product no.: HV0417

Lace and wire flowers with gold seed beads, woven leaves of Swarovski crystals, bronze and gold Swarovski pearls detail.

£110.00 / set(s)

Belle Hair Comb

Product no.: BE0001

'Belle' Stunning gold lace embroidered rose with diamante detail on a gold coloured wired comb

£16.00 / set(s)

Abigail Vine

Product no.: HV0026RG

Beautiful handmade rose gold wire and Swarovski pearl and crystal hair vine with delicate hanging pearls.

£85.00 / set(s)

Festival Mandela Brow Chain

Product no.: MAND0001

Handmade mandala based on a dream catcher and attached to a lovely fine chain which fastens around the head.

£45.00 / set(s)

Delicate Crystal Vine

Product no.: VI0006

Very delicate rosegold hair vine with tiny 3mm Swarovski ab-crystals, other wire and crystal colours available.

£20.00 / set(s)


Product no.: HJ00005

Purple grouse feather clips with pearl and chain detail.  A very versatile piece and easy to use.

£45.00 / set(s)

Bloom Fascinator

Product no.: FAS0002

Pale pink handmade organza bloom set on a comb with pearl stamen detail set on an acrylic comb.

£35.00 / set(s)

Tiffany Comb

Product no.: CO2019TIF

Rhinestone and pearl comb in our 'Tiffany' style set on a silver metal comb.  Beautifully complements our Tiffany Tiara.


Daisy Clip

Product no.: 0040

Crystal centred fabric daisy set on a crocodile clip with dew drop detail to the petals.  Central colour is Swarovski golden shadow.



Product no.: EC0419

Embroidered lace comb with rhinestone, preciosa and Swarovski accent detail set on a metal comb



Product no.: HV0519

Wirework hairvine with floral design, light green Swarovski pearls and rose alabaster Swarovski crystals.


Crystal Comb

Product no.: C00008

Single acrylic comb with silver wire and rows of crystal bicones.  Other colours available, please select or contact us for a colour sample.

In stock
can be shipped within 7 days

Mermaid's Jewel

Product no.: TC1906

'Mermaid's Jewel'  a unique fresh water pearl, moonstone and mother of pearl design on a wire comb.

In stock


Product no.: FV0820

"Calantha".  Woven floral seed bead wire design with fresh water pearl and vintage crystal accents on a magenta wire base.

In stock


Product no.: SV082020

Amarra; A split vine style floral hair accessory in silvers and pinks with crysal and diamante details.